Patrick Swayze Demi Moore Whoopi Goldberg. Romance comedy and the supernatural are all rolled up into one beautiful funny and very touching love story. Swayze is supreme as the New Yorker who gets killed in a robbery and returns as a ghost to communicate with his girlfriend with the help of medium Oda Mae Brown played by Whoopi Goldberg. 1990/color/126 min/PG-13/widescreen.

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3 thoughts on “Ghost

  1. A picture-perfect modern-day romance that tells an exciting romantic story, "Ghost" is one of the best romantic films ever made. In it, we see just what lengths someone will go to for their love for someone else, and also shows us that the love we have for someone in our life goes on after death. Director Jerry Zucker, and acting by Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, all make this movie a landmark that everybody knows about.
    What is so special about the story is the connection between the two romantic leads. Swayze plays Sam Wheat, who, with his longtime girlfriend Molly, is remodeling a penthouse apartment in New York, where they soon live together, completely happy and in love. We have no reason to question the love story angle because the direction and acting tell us from the very beginning the nature of their relationship, and does it in understandable terms. Sam also works for a major banking corporation, where he has a best friend Carl, who seems more…

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